Exploring Procedures Performed At Emergency Care Clinics

Exploring Procedures Performed At Emergency Care Clinics

What You Need To Know About Going To An Urgent Care While Traveling

by Anne Beck

Many people get sick while traveling. In fact, just because you are traveling doesn't mean that you are immune to problems. This is why it is important that you know what an urgent care center can and cannot do. Here are a couple things you should know.

1. An Urgent Care Center Cannot Refill An Existing Prescription

If you take a certain medication for an existing problem, there is little chance that you can get that refilled at an urgent care. This is because in order to give you a prescription that requires chronic use, they would need to be able to do a clear assessment and see how you react to the medication with a follow-up. For instance, if you took a medication for depression and you ran out while traveling, going to an urgent care wouldn't do you any good.

Instead, in this situation you should call your family doctor back home. They can usually call in something for you to take at a local pharmacy.

2. An Urgent Care Center Can Give You A Prescription For A New Problem

If while on vacation you have a new problem show up, something that is not chronic, like a sinus infection, they could help you with that. They could give you a prescription for something that would only be taken short term, because this wouldn't need any follow up.

However, if the problem is something that requires something very strong, like narcotics, or a strong medication that would need monitoring, they might send you to an emergency room. Thus, you should go when you have a simple problem that needs immediate, one-time attention.

3. An Urgent Care Center Can Set A Broken Bone

It is not uncommon to break a bone while on vacation. This is probably because people tend to do high-risk activities while on vacation. If this is the case for you, you can go to an urgent care center rather than the emergency room to get your bone set. You might just want to call ahead to make sure that they have an X-ray on site. Otherwise they might send you to another facility anyway.

4. The Urgent Care Center Is Not Responsible For Your Insurance

Urgent care centers are concerned with treating you, but it is your responsibility to get approval from your insurance. Most insurance companies have coverage while you are traveling, but you should call before you go just in case. Otherwise you should be prepared to pay out of pocket.

By understanding what an urgent care center can and cannot do, you can be prepared to have a good experience.


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Exploring Procedures Performed At Emergency Care Clinics

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